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This is a platform for business owners who want to learn modern digital marketing strategies, grow a successful business they love, and be a part of an inclusive & supportive community of entrepreneurs who are on the same mission. 

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Our Mission

Marketing Solved is an online community where Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Marketers are welcome. Our mission is to provide every business owner the skills they need to successfully market their business online – so they get results!

Digital marketing has become a primary method for business owners to grow their businesses…but it also comes with a lot of overwhelm.

Where should a business owner focus their efforts? SEO, Social Media, Advertising, Blogging, Email Marketing, Visual Content? Then, once you decide on where to focus your time, you have navigate the steep learning curve of knowing the ins and outs of each platform and strategy.

The founder of Marketing Solved, Katherine Sullivan, spent years listening to business owners express their frustrations with online marketing. Everyone had a similar issue. Not knowing where to focus and not knowing how to execute their marketing to achieve results.

That is why Marketing Solved was created.  To provide you with the solutions you need, to show you exactly what to do and most importantly. how to get results.

I truly believe that all business owners can have limitless success if they have the right strategies in place to achieve it. This knowledge should be available to ALL business owners, regardless of what you sell, how large your business is, or how long you’ve been in business.

You deserve to know what works and we want to make that happen. 

Entering the online marketplace can be a big and scary place. The way to make this journey worth traveling is to find your network.

A tribe, a community, a club where everyone is welcome. Where you can get training, support, and inspiration. 

Welcome to Marketing Solved!


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