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12 Powerful Ways to Dazzle Your Audience and Get More Likes

You set up a Facebook Page for your business because you read somewhere that Facebook has over 1.1 billion users so it would be crazy,…

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How to Get the Content You Want on Facebook

Facebook, can’t live with it…can’t live without it. Or, I can’t anyways. One great thing about Facebook is the amazing content! I can get recipes,…

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How to Get More Facebook Likes For Free

How do I get more Facebook likes? This is a common question I get from Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. While there are literally…

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How to Add Call To Action on Facebook // MarketingTV //

This is a simple tip – but a GOODIE! As a business owner, you have to take every single step possible to ensure you’re capitalizing…

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How to Create Custom Facebook Tabs in 3 Minutes // MarketingTV //

Creating custom Facebook tabs or apps for your Facebook page is a BRILLIANT strategy that all business owners should be utilizing. These custom Facebook tabs…

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Facebook advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the market. We say effective for a few reasons. As Facebook nears the…

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