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Raul Harman

Raul Harman is an IT consultant and a writer who has a lot of experience about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. IT and the world of mobile devices have been his focus in the previous years. Raul is a passionate runner and adventure seeker. Every spare moment he loves to spend in nature.

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How to Create Content that Generates Links like Crazy

In the booming digital realm, content is king. And we are not talking about any kind of content, but the...

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How to Achieve a 50% Higher Conversion Rate with Video Marketing

Predictions stated that video will dominate the content marketing, as well as consumer traffic in a not so distant future....

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Marketing Combined with AI? How Plausible is This to Happen

With staggering advances made in the field of Artificial Intelligence over the past decade, and with the biggest companies in...

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