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Kat Sullivan

Kat Sullivan is the CEO & Founder of Marketing Solved and Co-Founder of TASSI. The Automated Social Software Inc. She has worked with and successfully coached over 20,000 business owners.

Kat has been recognized as the social media expert behind-the-experts having worked with numerous celebrities, professional athletes, television shows, and bestselling authors.

She has been featured in nationally acknowledged publications like Inc., Entrepreneur & Fast Company, and several other publications as an emerging leader in online marketing space, specializing in social media. Kat has also won the 2017 Marketer of the Year award and was recognized as a Top Female Entrepreneur to Follow!

As one of the most in-demand social media and marketing speakers in the world, Kat loves to help business owners meet their marketing goals. If you want to learn how to successfully market your business online, visit her at:

MarketingSolved.com & GetTassi.com







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