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About Brian Sullivan

Meet Brian Sullivan,

A multifaceted leader in the field of Relationship Capital and the co-founder of Marketing Solved. Known as “The guy who knows everyone,” Brian has leveraged his extensive circle of connections and expertise in Relationship Capital to become a major player in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Brian’s journey began as a military kid, always adapting to new environments, which laid the foundation for his exceptional skills in building lasting connections. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, he transitioned into the corporate world, excelling at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, William Jessup University, and Stanford School of Medicine.

Brian’s determination crafted an unmatched success story.

Not only did Brian manage to excel in the corporate world but also co-founded Marketing Solved with his wife, Kat Sullivan. Together they have revolutionized the marketing landscape with innovations like Tassi, a social media scheduling software.


Brian’s influence extends to the upper echelons of business. His unique approach to Relationship Capital has garnered him a clientele that includes celebrity clients, VIPs, and influential powerhouses. His exceptional ability in creating win-win connections sets him apart, making him a sought-after member of exclusive events like the Well Connected Mastermind.


Brian is deeply committed to philanthropy and giving back, particularly supporting Miracles for Kids. As a longtime donor, volunteer, and supporter, his charitable work makes a difference in the lives of critically ill children and their families.

Public Speaking and Training

A highly sought-after speaker, Brian trains professionals in the art of connecting. Through actionable techniques like “opening up the circle” and “favors first,” he has gained widespread acclaim. He also offers specialized training as part of the Well Connected Mastermind program.

Why Work With Brian

The reason people are drawn to work with Brian is straightforward: he’s unmatched in his mastery of Relationship Capital. As the go-to authority on transforming connections into tangible success, Brian offers something incredibly rare—proven, replicable strategies. Whether you choose to engage through his insightful books, in-depth courses, or the exclusive Well Connected Mastermind, you’re making an investment that promises substantial returns in both your personal and professional spheres.

Here’s How to Partner With Brian

Brian Sullivan is widely recognized as an authority in the arena of relationship capital. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge on being well-connected, serving as a critical resource for both individuals and organizations. Far beyond textbook knowledge, Brian’s wisdom is battle-tested, backed by years of turning relationships into stepping stones for success. If you’re looking to elevate your life’s journey through the power of connection, there’s no better guide than Brian for navigating this rich, yet complex, landscape.


Exclusive Content:

Looking to elevate your own relationship-building skills? Brian Sullivan is not just an expert but an educator in the field of Relationship Capital. He is the author of the widely-anticipated book “Relationship Capital,” a resource that provides actionable strategies for creating meaningful connections in both personal and professional settings. If you want to win the relationship capital game, you won’t find a better guide than Brian.

For those looking for a comprehensive guide to relationship-building, Brian offers the “Relationship Capital 101 Course.” This course is designed to provide a deep dive into mastering the skills you need to create a network that can bring value to your life and career.

Want to go beyond the book and course? Join Brian’s “Well Connected Mastermind,” an exclusive network of professionals looking to elevate their relationship capital. In this premium group, Brian shares insider techniques and offers one-on-one guidance for making your connections truly impactful.

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