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10 Brilliant Pinterest Pinners to Follow

10 brilliant pinterest pinners to follow

Pinterest is quickly becoming my go to platform for marketing and email listbuilding. In fact, Pinterest has been my number 1 traffic driver for the past few months spending less than $20 on advertising.

The more time I spend on the network, I noticed there are some amazing Pinterest users that are using the platform brilliantly and wanted to pass these killer Pinners on so you can observe their strategies for using Pinterest AND get yourself some of the great content they’re pinning!

In no particular order, here are 10 Brilliant Pinterest Pinners to Follow:

  1. Elle & Co

    elle and company pinterest


  2. Nectar Collective
    nectar collective Pinterest

  3. Wonderlass
    wonderlass pinterest

  4. Brit & Co

    brit and co pinterest


  5. Career Contessa

    career contessa pinterest


  6. Rebekah Radice
    rebekah radice pinterest

  7. Levo League

    levo league pinterest

  8. Heather Crabtree
    heather crabtree pinterest

  9. Christine Tremoulet
    christine trem

  10. Janessa Rae Slangen
    janessa rae


You are guaranteed to find some incredible content from these pinners so start pinning! If you need a few tips on setting up your brand on Pinterest, this Marketing TV episode will give you 5 key tips to creating a strong brand on Pinterest.

Did you learn about any new pinners here? Any that need to be included? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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2 responses to “10 Brilliant Pinterest Pinners to Follow”

  1. Tai says:

    Great list! I knew about Nectar Collective but not the others. Don’t forget about ByRegina.com . She’s making great use of the platform as well.

  2. Bridget says:

    I have a question. I have been on Pinterest for a few years now and I have over 700 followers. I want to start using Pinterest as a way to “advertise” for my business. My question is…should I try incorporating it into the one I already have or should I start a new one?? And if so do I need to go through and organize it better?? I have over 17,000 pins and over 100 boards…not a task I would want to tackle. lol!!! Any insight would be appreciated.
    And THANK YOU for all the information you have on here. I have learned so much!! And I’m going to continue reading…b/c this info is GOLD!!! 🙂

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